Earlier we told you that the world is going to enter in a deep recession state as the planetary alignment is hinting at market crash due to Jupiter cunjunction with South Node. Now in this article we will discuss about the chances of global financial emergency amid shutdown due to corona virus pandemic. These days coronavirus has spread in more than 200 countries in the world which includes world`s larger economies like USA, Italy, France, Spain, Britain, India, China etc. Coronavirus is a deadly virus with mortality rate 3.4% and till date it has infected more than 20 lacs people and has taken nearly 1.65 lacs lives all over the world with largest numbers of 40000 deaths in USA in a short duration of 3 months due to which almost all these nations have locked down their people in home and all industries, offices, schools, colleges and markets are shutdown to check spread of coronavirus as it passes from person to person easily.

We successfully predicted earlier about the global economic recession of 7 to 15 years (which has now started as declared by International Monetary Fund and World Bank), which may be due to market crash, war or natural disaster, in our previous article Jupiter Conjunction With South Node In Sagittarius Sign May Bring Economic Disaster which was published on 12th of October 2019 much earlier than the first known case of coronavirus which was identified in January 2020. Now coronavirus outbreak is none other than the natural disaster as China the country of origin of coronavirus is saying that it started from eating wild bats by humans which were sold at Wuhan fish market. But some countries think that it was a biological weapon tested by China to suppress economies of their rival countries. In this situation it may be a war. Whatever, may be the situation, a war or a natural disaster, we hinted at both either this or that.

Now in this article we are going to discuss about the chances of global financial emergency whether likely to happen in near future or not. Condition of financial emergency emerges when reserve of emergency financial reserve of a country shrinks due to which fund supply needed in case of emergency gets restricted or we can say shortage of funds exist when needed. At this type of situation countries dealing with shortage of funds puts financial restrictions on their people, industries and other institutions to tackle this situation, which is called financial emergency. At present many countries are releasing huge money in their economies using their emergency reserve funds to fight against coronavirus and to help their backbone industries due to which their emergency reserves are shrinking which are giving hints at likely chances of financial emergency in near future. Now let us see this through the eye of Astrology whether this situation will come or not?

According to Astrology the condition of financial emergency exists when Jupiter the planet of finance is in very worst hit condition by malefic planets. At present Jupiter is transiting in Capricorn Sign which is sign of debilitation for Jupiter due to which it becomes malefic. Jupiter entered this sign on 30 March 2020 and will remain there till 3rd July 2020. Jupiter will re-enter Sagittarius Sign on 3rd July due to retrograde motion and it will remain in this sign till November 2020 again in conjunction with South node which will increase the speed of spread of coronavirus disease. In November 2020 Jupiter will again enter in Capricorn His Sign of debilitation will remain there till December 2021. But debilitated Jupiter alone can not put developed nations on financial emergency. First look at the planetary condition when coronavirus pandemic started in January 2020. On 05 November 2019 Jupiter entered Sagittarius Sign which is his own Sign where it feels very comfortable and gives benefic results but this time it did not happened so because of presence of South Node of Moon (The Dragon Tail - known as Ketu in Vedic Astrology) in the Sagittarius Sign. South Node is a natural malefic planet and it became more malefic due to its presence in Sagittarius Sign which is His sign of exaltation. Exalted malefic planet becomes more malefic. Moreover, on 26 December 2019 an annular solar eclipse occured in Sagittarius Sign which cursed four planets viz. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn by the shadow (presence) of North Node in that Sign due to which coronavirus outbroke in January 2020. This eclipse boosted malefic power of South Node. Due to this reason The South Node, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury gave malefic results. Now South Node represents poisons, viruses and bacteria, Jupiter represents finance, banks and share market, Saturn represents manufacturing and core industry, Mercury represents businesses. Thus Outbreak of coronavirus made all these sectors to shutdown and incur huge losses.

Now, at present, the planet Jupiter is transiting in Capricorn Sign which is Sign of debilitation for Jupiter due to which it will play malefic role and again an annular Solar Eclipse is going to happen on 21st June 2020 in Gemini Sign under the shadow of North Node of Moon (The Dragon Head - known as Rahu in Vedic Astrology) which is more fiercy and malefic than South Node. Also Gemini Sign is exalted sign for North Node due to which it will become super malefic and will curse Sun, Moon and Mercury in this Sign due to which a condition of riots, war or accidents may exist around the world because North Node represents accidents, riots, blasts and war. So in this way extremely tough conditions may arise and thus collaborative effects of two solar eclipses and debilitation of financial planet Jupiter may bring financial emergency among many nations in the world.