Get ready to face a drastically fearing economic disaster as Jupiter going to conjunct South Node of Moon on 05 November 2019. Jupiter is a planet of finance which is going under supression in the malefic axis of North Node and South Node of Moon. In Astrology, North and South Nodes of Moon are considered super malefics. Jupiter is considered as a benefic planet in Astrology which represents finance, banking, justice, kindness, religion, politics, general well being and good luck.

At present, Saturn the planet ruling over core industry and manufacturing is transiting in Sagittarius Sign along with South Node of Moon which is the sign of exaltation for South Node. Exalted South Node becomes more malefic. Saturn is under strong malefic impact of South Node and North Node because South Node and North Node of moon always remain at 180° apart from each other (i.e. 7th house position from each other) and gives full aspect to the 7th house from its position. So North Node also gives malefic impact to planet Saturn in this condition. This malefic impact on Saturn will halt growth in manufacturing and core industry, due to which many people employed in these sectors will lose their jobs. People will start losing their earning power during this time. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius Sign till 24 January 2020, till that it will remain under direct malefic impact of North & South Nodes.

On November 5, 2019 Jupiter will join South Node and Saturn in Sagittarius. At that time Jupiter will come under direct malefic impact of South Node and North Node. As North Node is a very mysterious, cheater and super malefic it will make political leaders and their financial planners (Jupiter represents political leaders and financial planners) to make worst financial policies in an unorganised way of financial planning due to malefic impact over Saturn (here Saturn governs over decision making and policy making). Due to this reason a situation will arise when many world`s larger economies like America, China, Japan, United Kingdom, India and like many more may collapse.

Moreover, on December 26, 2019 an annular solar eclipse will curse four planets (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn) in Sagittarius sign. Here Sun represents government and king, Jupiter represent political leaders, finance and financial policies, Mercury represents business and business tactics, Saturn represents manufacturing and core industry and decision making by government. So all these will be badly influenced by this solar eclipse due to which worse conditions may arise. The countries which are going to effect by this solar eclipse (like Phillipines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Oman, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Vietnam) may have very severe effects. These countries may have to face deep financial crisis, a crash in share markets, political unrest, religious riots, natural disasters or war like situation which may cause large casualties by fire as this eclipse is taking place in fire sign Sagittarius. Volcanic eruptions or earth quakes may also happen due to the effect of this solar eclipse. Economies like America, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brazil, France and other good economies which are not falling under direct effect of this eclipse will get less effect of financial crisis. But in Asian countries where solar eclipse will directly effect a recession or in worst conditions a depression may come.

Financially more fearing conditions will arise when Jupiter the planet of finance will enter in Capricorn his sign of debilitation on November 2020 and will remain there till December 2021. So we may have to face a long recession which may last for seven to fifteen years. Such a long recession will impact the whole world as many countries are attached to each other through global trading. So get ready to face bigger recession of your life and prepare your self how to tackle this.