An Astrological chart is composed of 12 houses. Each house has its own significance and role in prediction. The very first house is called the Ascendant followed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th... and so on ...upto 12th house. Role and significance of each house in predictive Astrology is described as below:

Ascendant (1st House):
The Ascendant or the 1st house is also known as the Rising Sign and its ruler planet is called the Rising Star. This house is one of the most important houses in a horoscope. It tells us about the personality, the overall health, physical body, nature, character of a person, body color, height, longevity, strength and vitality of a person.
Effects of 1st Lord in Different Houses

Second House:
Second house in a horoscope tells us about the family wealth, family assets, family status, personal income, face look, right eye, voice, speech and status of a person in the society.
Effects of 2nd Lord in Different Houses

Third House:
Third house represents the younger brothers and sisters, courage, aggression, temper, short distance journeys or short period journeys, writting skills, right ear and neighbours.
Effects of 3rd Lord in Different Houses

Fourth House:
Fourth house represents general happiness, satisfaction from life, education, self-prosperity, enjoyments, home, home life, property, mother, conveyances & vehicles, neck and shoulders, chest. Fourth house in a horoscope is a very important house as it is the house of happiness.
Effects of 4th Lord in Different Houses

Fifth House:
Fifth house is the house of intelligence, analytic power, children, sports, outdoor activities, gambling, income from stock market, deeds of past life, love & romantic life, lottery luck, gifts.
Effects of 5th Lord in Different Houses

Sixth House:
Sixth house represents your enemies, diseases, cuts and wounds, debts and loans, disappointments, theft, sorrows, battles.
Effects of 6th Lord in Different Houses

Seventh House:
Seventh house of a horoscope represents spouse, life partner, marriage and married life, marital happiness, sexual organs, trade, import-export, business partnership.
Effects of 7th Lord in Different Houses

Eighth House:
Eighth house represents secret life, secret missions, secret organs, sexual diseases, life span, black magic, black money, occult science, cause of death, struggles, hardship in life, miseries, insult, misdeeds.
Effects of 8th Lord in Different Houses

Ninth House:
One and the most important house of a horoscope is the Ninth house. This is the house of luck, happiness, fame, name, father, grand children, religion, politics, sympathy, charity, long journeys, foreign travels, higher education, law and justice.
Effects of 9th Lord in Different Houses

Tenth House:
Tenth house is very important career wise. It is the house that represents your career, occupation, success in life, income source, fame, name, respect, honours, means of livelihood, political career, rank.
Effects of 10th Lord in Different Houses

Eleventh House:
Eleventh house represents gains, huge wealth, lottery luck, leadership, high rank, friends, elder brothers, sports, wins, ornaments and jewellery.
Effects of 11th Lord in Different Houses

Twelfth House:
Twelfth house represents losses, theft, expenditures, wastage of money, poverty, miseries, imprisonment, divine knowledge, Salvation (Final emancipation), distant lands and foreign travels.
Effects of 12th Lord in Different Houses