Zodiac Sign Name: Aquarius
Zodiac Symbol: The Water Bearer
Aquarius Dates: Jan 20 - Feb 18
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Sign Ruler: Saturn
Ruling Day: Saturday
Zodiac Color: Blue
Favourite Colors: Blue (all shades), Pink, Violet, Yellow and Gold
Highest Compatibility: Taurus, Gemini & Libra
Moderate Compatibility: Leo, Scorpio & Sagittarius
Lowest Compatibility: Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn & Pisces
Exaltation: None
Debilitation: None
Nature: Humanitarian, Loyal and Creative.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign is the natural 11th house in zodiac order. 11th house represents unexpected huge gains, huge wealth, your friends, social circle, leadership qualities, luck in lottery and elder siblings. Aquarius is the permanent house of planet SATURN (The Lord of Justice). Saturn is a judge. People born under Aquarius Zodiac sign are justice lovers, peace lovers, decision makers, humanitarian and respected in the society. They are always thinking about to do something big and something unexpected. They are willing to do something good for the society. They are intelligent, sensible, noble, reputed and kind-hearted people. They are nature lover and love to live close to nature. Aquarians are very different thinkers and often misunderstood by other people because of their different thinking and attitude.

An Aquarius is a great friend, loyal, respected and always loved by friends. He is a scholar, spiritual, leader, and unique. He does not like to make any special plans. He has very fertile and inventive mind. He is highly creative and genius. Aquarius is always dreaming but not practical, so many times he has to face failures, due to which he becomes depressed and restless. He is lazy and does not like routine works.

An Aquarian has a great quality that if the situations favour him, he can make any impossible task possible. He has the capability of turning soil into gold. Many Aquarians are school or college dropouts but they are very creative and inventive. Many scientists belong to this sign. No one can judge them properly. They are very different from other Zodiac sign persons. Aquarius born are very calm and always lost in thinking something. They are very good analysts and methodical. Many physicsts, biologist, judges, engineers, spiritual leaders, mathematicians, economists are born under this Sun sign.

An Aquarius woman is extremely beautiful, very feminine, with seducing eyes. She has magical Aura. She is not easily understandable. She is very creative, imaginative, fashionable, graceful, magical, charming and very attractive. She is very passionate and freedom lover. She can do anything and everything.

An Aquarius woman loves peace, justice, freedom. She loves to work for the betterment of the poor people. She does not like to work for any Organization. She is self made, and highly respected. No person can judge her what she want, what she can do. She can be a great scientist, spiritual-healer, researcher, social worker, judge, very famous leader, an actress or a singer. She is a mine of good qualities.

Aquarius Love Life

Sun, being in Aquarius, the exact opposite sign from its ruling sign Leo where it aspects its own sign Leo which is the natural sign of love and romance makes the person a blind lover. They are very emotional, too imaginative and blind lovers due to which they could not find their true match easily. But once they find their true partner they shower their love emotions fully on them. They are very caring for their partner.

Aquarius Career

Aquarians are peace and justice lovers. They are true well wishers of the mankind. They always try to do something big for society. They are suitable as judges, engineers, doctors, spiritual healers, physicsts, biologist, scientist, mathematicians and economists etc.