Zodiac Sign Name: Cancer
Zodiac Symbol: The Crab
Cancer Dates: June 21 - July 22
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Sign Ruler: Moon
Ruling Day: Monday
Zodiac Color: Coral, off-white
Favourite Colors: White, silver, Coral, yellow and golden.
Highest Compatibility: Taurus, Pisces
Moderate Compatibility: Virgo, Libra & Capricorn
Lowest Compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Aquarius
Exaltation: Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer.
Debilitation: Mars gets debilitated in this sign.
Nature: Adjustable and Understanding

Cancer Zodiac Sign is the fourth sign in zodiac order. Sun transits in Cancer sign around June 21 to July 22 according to Tropical system of Astrology and around July 17 to August 16 according to Sidereal system of Astrology. This is a watery sign. People born under this sign are ruled by the planet Moon as Moon is the permanent ruler of Cancer Zodiac Sign. These people are moody, happy, enjoying and soft hearted. Fast movement of the planet Moon impact highly on their behaviour and mood. Small things put high impact on their mood. Emotional state is not stable for cancer people if the planet moon is not favourable in the horoscope. They have to face many ups and downs in careers and health. It is difficult to know the exact personality of a Cancer born person. These people need high confidence, concentration and support in order to be successful in life.

Cancer people are imaginative but not so practical and creative but are right in their thinking and ideas. They are easily adjustable in any environment, and are routine work lover. They love their job and are helpful to their colleagues. They are appreciated by their boss and colleagues. They are charming, ever smiling, and calm.

Cancer people are emotional, imaginative, good looking, charming, ever smiling, soft spoken, soft hearted, calm and good natured. Healthwise they are prone to cold and weakness of bones (because of deficiency of calcium). They do not easily forget anything wrong done to them, and seek for the right time to take revenge. Their greatest strength is their ability to read other people mind. Confidence and concentration is good for their happiness and stability of mind. They are reliable friends and trustable. Being the natural 4th house which represents home, mother, comforts and happiness at home the Cancerians are deeply attached to their home, mother and family. They always feel comfortable at home.

A Cancer woman is very beautiful with fair color and a nice heart. She is kind hearted, soft spoken, reliable, trustable, and matured thinker. She is creative, loves simplicity, careful spender. She loves working in safe and relaxed conditions. She can perform very well in singing, painting, interior designing.

Cancer Love Life

Cancer is a homely, soft hearted, caring and emotional sign. They demand comfortness in love and romance. Emotional and physical security is a first need in a relationship. Cancer people are very caring in a relationship.

Cancer Career

Cancer is the natural fourth house which represents education, property, home and comforts at home. Suitable careers for these people are teaching, interior decoration, catering, cooking, care takers, real estate business and architects.