Zodiac Name: Gemini
Zodiac Symbol: The Twins
Gemini Dates: May 21 - June 20
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Sign Ruler: Mercury
Ruling Day: Wednesday
Zodiac Color: Green
Favourite Colors: Pink, Violet, Green, Yellow, Gold and Light Blue
Highest Compatibility: Virgo, Libra & Aquarius
Moderate Compatibility: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius
Lowest Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, capricorn & Pisces
Exaltation: North Node of Moon (Named Dragon Head) gets exalted in Gemini
Debilitation: South Node of Moon (Named Dragon Tail) gets debilitated in Gemini.
Nature: Intelligent, Optimistic and Disciplined.

Gemini Zodiac Sign is the third sign in zodiac order. Sun transits in Gemini Sign around May 21 to June 20 according to the Tropical System of Astrology, but according to the sidereal System of Astrology it transits in this Sign near about approximately June 15 to July 16 each and every year. Gemini is ruled by planet Mercury. Planet Mercury is considered as the planet of communication, intelligence and business. Gemini is the natural third house representing communication and business skills. People born under this zodiac sign are highly intelligent, creative and gifted with business skills. People those are born with Sun in Gemini are very hard working, risk takers, punctual, simple and sober. As Mercury is the planet of intelligence and business, so many successful business men are born under Gemini Sun-Sign. These people have great patience, and high business skills. As Gemini is an air sign, so the Gemini persons are very quick and intelligent in spreading their thoughts, ideas, name and fame in all directions easily like wind.

Gemini is always ambitious, positive and confident. He loves to do his work with passion and confidence. He is a risk taker, curious, passionate, optimistic and diplomatic too. He loves risk taking in big deals and tends to be active all time. People born under Gemini sign love study, education, books, magzines very much. They are sincere, disciplined, versatile people, and are highly adaptable in any circumstances. They are always present with new and improved ideas. Sometimes they are highly demanding, greedy, too imaginative, prone to tiredness and depression. Some times impact of Dragon Head on Sun in this sign makes the person gossip master, rumour buster and back biter.

A Gemini woman is intelligent, adaptive, open minded and always active. She has variety of new ideas. She is confident, beautiful, sincere. She loves shopping and gossips. she is a role player, great mother, creative, optimistic and a good cook also.

Gemini Love Life

They are first to send love waves towards the person they like, in other words we can say, Geminis are very flirty. They are clever to impress other persons with their communication. They love flirting and commenting. They are clever in finding true partner and quick to leave in a relationship if they find other person not suitable to their personality.

Gemini Career

Being intelligent and communicative Geminis are suitable for sales, marketing, self business, writing, teaching etc. Such persons love libraries, research, education, computer programming, communication etc. They are highly successful in the field of telecommunication, marketing and teaching. Gemini is the natural third house which represents business, so they are highly suitable for self business. Many successful lawyers can also be found with Gemini Zodiac Sign as they are gifted with good communication skills. Sun, as natural 5th ruler representing arts, placed in natural 3rd house representing communication, blesses the native with a melodious voice and excellent acting skills, so they can be very successful in singing and acting.