Zodiac Sign Name: Leo
Zodiac Symbol: The Lion
Leo Dates: July 23 - Aug 22
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Sign Ruler: Sun
Ruling Day: Sunday
Zodiac Color: Crimson
Favourite Colors: Red, Crimson, Blood Red, Yellow and Gold
Highest Compatibility: Aries & Sagittarius
Moderate Compatibility: Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus & Gemini
Lowest Compatibility: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, capricorn & Pisces
Exaltation: None
Debilitation: None
Nature: Loyalty, Brave & Determination

Leo Zodiac Sign is 5th in the zodiac order. Its symbol is The Lion. Leo is ruled by the planet SUN. Sun is considered as king among the other planets. This zodiac sign is the natural representor of beauty, love, romance, intelligence and gambling. People born under this sign are very beautiful, extremely romantic, lovable, brave, intelligent, respected, honourable, confident, very bold, with kingly status, full of enthusiasm, adventurous, high class, attractive, seducing with bold eyes, tall body, thin, charming, happy, winner, leader and self dependant. Leo people are easily identifiable from their personality. They are beautiful, tall, attractive and possess high energy, high stamina, strong physique, large forehead and are very bold. They are often the leaders not the followers. They are their own boss and love to do what they like. They are highly risk taker, and are never afraid of putting themselves in danger. Leo people are adventure lovers. They like sports and other outdoor activities. Many successful sports persons, fighters and political leaders possess these qualities because of Leo birth star. They are winners, brave and hard to defeat. Generally, they are very lucky and successful.

Leo are highly successful in the field of entertainment, cinema, sports, politics, business and gambling. Many successful entertainers, leaders, sports persons, business enterpreneurs are born under this sign. Leo is freedom lover as well as freedom fighter. Brave fighters, soldiers are also born under this sign.

Sometimes Leo may be so demanding and bossy in nature that wants other people to obey his words and he himself may be lazy and egoistic, which may generate envy toward him. People may go away from him, and he may be the victim of loneliness. So to avoid this situation they should avoid to be too bossy.

A Leo woman is beautiful, bold, tall, energetic, courageous, enthusiastic. She possess the qualities of a Lioness. she has the ability to bounce back at who try to hurt her, so she should not be underestimated. She is loving, caring, loyal and has many other great qualities.

Leo Love Life

Leo is most romantic Zodiac Sign. It is natural 5th house which represents love and romance. So Leos are extremely romantic by nature. They are having high zest, zeal, and high attraction towards opposite sex. Leos possess highly seducing eyes naturally. They love freedom in a relationship and are highly respect giving to their partner.

Leo Career

Leo is the natural 5th house which represents art, entertainment, sports, gambling and business. Sports, acting, dancing, singing, music composing are suitable choices for Leo Zodiac Sign. Sun in own house Leo makes the person very brave, bold and energetic. This position develop leadership qualities also. So the native can become a successful leader. Gambling is suitable for only those whose 5th house is aspected or occupied by North Node along with Sun in Leo, because North Node is mischevious and gambler which gives great success in gambling if this combination is formed.