Zodiac Sign Name: Libra
Zodiac Symbol: The Balance
Libra Dates: Sep 23 - Oct 22
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Sign Ruler: Venus
Ruling Day: Friday
Zodiac Color: pink
Favourite Colors: White, pink, Purple, Blue and Violet
Highest Compatibility: Gemini, Capricorn & Aquarius
Moderate Compatibility: Aries, Cancer & Sagittarius
Lowest Compatibility: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio & Pisces
Exaltation: Saturn gets exalted in Libra
Debilitation: Sun gets debilitated in Libra
Nature: Persuasive & Charitable.

Libra Zodiac Sign is ruled by the planet Venus. Libra is the natural 7th sign in the zodiac order. Its symbol is The Balance. It is the sign of debilitation for the planet SUN. The Sun transits in Libra Zodiac around September 23 to October 22 according to Tropical system of predictions followed by most western astrologers but according to Sidereal system of predictions which is followed by Vedic Astrologers in India, it transits around October 18 - November 16 each year approximately. People born under this sign lacks leadership qualities becauce of King planet The Sun being in debilitation in this sign. Libras are non adventurus and lazy persons. They are typical orthodox type of persons who love to follow old traditions. They are often the late comers. They do not like sports. They have a great nature of handling pressure (the Balance trait). They are argumentative and talkative. Libra persons are wrong decision makers.

Libra persons do not get much happiness from male childs or they beget male childs late in life. They are peace lovers and do not like to indulge in fights. They are very sociable and God fearing. They are always smiling. Their face is very charming. Their driving is very poor and people do not like their driving. Libra people are great persuasor and are popular among their people. They are charitable. They are poor spender. Libra love peace and justice and seldom tell a lie. Sometimes they are selfish also.

A Libra woman is a very beautiful personality. She is attractive, femine and childish looklike but she is not brave. She is very sensitive and need a very supportive and caring partner. She should not keep herself alone. She is secretive and very kind hearted. She loves nature, beauty, justice, peace of mind and music, singing, dancing etc.

Libra Love Life

Sun the ruler of natural 5th sign of romance and love being in debilitation in this sign makes Libras unromantic and orthodox in nature. It does not mean that these persons do not like love and romance, but, they are shy persons and feel uncomfortable in front of opposite sex. Moreover they are of orthodox views. Even if they have feelings of love they cannot express them.

Libra Career

Libra being persuasive, kind hearted, noble, peace and justice lover can become a human right activist, psychologist (who can do good councelling to bring peace in someone`s life), a good doctor, nurse, a teacher and a religious teacher. They can not do their own business as they lack leadership qualities. They are suitable for daily, weekly and monthly paying jobs of lower posts. Very few lucky Libra persons can reach top positions in career. But it does not mean that they are poor persons. Many Libras become rich late in life by saving money or they enjoy money of their parents or spouse.