Zodiac Sign Name: Pisces
Zodiac Symbol: The Fish
Pisces Dates: Feb 19 - March 20
Element: Water
Quality: Mutable
Sign Ruler: Jupiter
Ruling Day: Thursday
Zodiac Color: Yellow
Favourite Colors: Yellow, Gold, Coral, Orange & Red
Highest Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio & Sagittarius
Moderate Compatibility: None
Lowest Compatibility: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn & Aquarius
Exaltation: Venus gets exalted in Pisces
Debilitation: Mercury gets debilitated in this sign.
Nature: Humanitarian, Loyal and Creative.

Pisces Zodiac Sign is the natural 12th house and the last sign in zodiac order which rules over distant lands, travelling, dreams and illusion. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. Its symbol is The Fish. Sun transits in this sign around February 19 to March 20 approximately according to Tropical System of Astrology used by the most of the western Astrologers and according to Vedic Astrologers who use Sidereal System of predictions it transits from around March 15 to April 13 approximately each and every year. A person born under Pisces Zodiac Sign is a free spirited soul, always lost in his own inner world. He is dreamy, illusionist and have big dreams. Infact he is a day dreamer. He is a free roamer and travell lover. Pisceans are very soft hearted, kind hearted and very emotional in nature. They are peace lovers. Pisces love to live in the dreaming world. They love comfort zones in every aspect of life. They find it difficult to live outside the comfort zone, the trait inspired by the symbol The Fish. They like drinks and non-vegs very much.

Pisces`s mood keep changing and his mind is not stable. Pisces is not a matured thinker. He is creative, loves music, singing and dancing. He can be a good actor, musician, singer or a successful travel advisor. They love to travel distant lands. Even in their dreams they find themselves traveling in distant and unknown lands.

A pisces woman is beautiful, good looking, soft hearted. Pisces woman has large sharp edged eyes. She is good natured, romantic and very attractive. She has own beliefs and ideas. Pisces woman is impractical, dreamy and imaginative. She can be a good singer or a good dancer. Pisces woman is a very good care taker and a very good cook. She has different fashion style. She is God fearing.

Pisces Love Life

Pisces love life is inspired by the natural 12th house which represents distant and unknown places, imagination, illusion and day dreaming. They cannot go beyond their comfort zone due to which they find it difficult to express their love feelings openly. It makes them unromantic with suppressed feelings. Often their love life remains constricted in their day dreaming and imagination.

Pisces Career

Being the natural 12th sign which represents distant lands and travelling the Pisces is suitable as travel advisors, travel agents, guides etc. They can be successful as dancers, musicians and chefs also. But generally they love to work in a routine job in comfortable environment without pressure which makes them feel secured.