Zodiac Sign Name: Sagittarius
Zodiac Symbol: The Archer
Sagittarius Dates: Nov 22 - Dec 21
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Sign Ruler: Jupiter
Ruling Day: Thursday
Zodiac Color: Gold
Favourite Colors: Gold, Yellow, Crimson, Red, Deep-Red & Blood-Red
Highest Compatibility: Aries, Leo & Pisces
Moderate Compatibility: Gemini, Virgo, Libra & Aquarius
Lowest Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio & Capricorn
Exaltation: South Node of Moon (Dragon Tail) gets exalted in Sagittarius
Debilitation: North Node of Moon (Dragon Head) gets debilitated in sagittarius.
Nature: Spiritual, disciplined & dedicated.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign is one of the most famous Zodiac signs and natural house of luck, success, wisdom, name and fame. Sagittarius is the natural 9th house in the zodiac order which represents luck, religion, success and wisdom. It is symbolized as The archer which always follow his aim. Persons with Sun in Sagittarius are born with an aim to be very successful, get name and fame. They are very lucky persons. They are charming, kind hearted, peace and justice lover. They are spiritual persons and most disciplined, active and happiest. They are born in a noble family with famous family name. They are born with natural wisdom, highly inspired and motivated.

Sagittarius persons are very humanitarian and never like wars. They are truly freedom lover. They can sacrifice their life for the benefit of humanity. Sagittarius are very popular in their people and are highly respected persons. Many successful spiritual healers, spiritual teachers, judges, great teachers, philosphers, freedom fighters, warriors, great poets and doctors are born under Sagittarius Sun-sign. Their aim is very high and are very dedicated towards achieving their goal. They hardly get any restriction from any person. They easily achieve their goals and are very renowned persons. They are born with natural wisdom to benefit their society.

A Sagittarius woman is very charming, beautiful, peace lover, freedom lover, very caring, kind hearted and humanitarian. She is powerful and full of wisdom. She is very obedient, loyal, trusted, respected and full of many other qualities. She is true partner and dedicated toward her husband and his family. Sagittarius woman is always confident and calm, and God fearing. She is a very good teacher, host and care taker. She loves cooking, dancing, painting and teaching. She may be a very good lawyer, teacher, doctor or journalist.

Sagittarius Love Life

Sagittarius are very noble persons. They are born to love their society and their people. Usually they do not like love and romance or any type of illegitimate intimate relations. In married life they are true caring partner. They are very humanitarian and social persons.

Sagittarius Career

Sagittarius is the natural 9th house of luck, religion, politics, peace, healing, justice and philosphy. Usually they are lucky persons who get success easily in any ventures they undertake. But they can be very successful as religious teachers, spiritual healers, political leaders, CEO of a large organization, judges, human right activists, teachers, doctors, philosphers, freedom fighters, business enterpreneurs, great entertainers and poets.