Eleventh House in Astrology

11th House

The Eleventh House in Astrology represents gains, huge wealth, lottery luck, leadership, high rank, friends, elder brothers, sports, wins, ornaments and jewellery. 11th House is considered as an auspicious House. This house gains importance when there is something big, huge and unexpected is thought about. Link of this house and its lord with other auspicious houses, i.e. cardinal Houses and Lords (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th), Trine Houses and Lords (1st, 5th and 9th) and 2nd House or its Lord, increases wealth potential in the horoscope.

11th Lord in Different Houses

Read how 11th Lord effects the life of a native when posited in different Houses:-

When 11th Lord is posited in 1st House then the native is very hard working and active. Such native is very beautiful. He/She is capable of earning huge wealth easily by his/her talent. Native rises to the fame by his talent. He/She has helpful friends.

When 11th Lord is posited in 2nd House then the Lord of gains in the house of wealth creates special Wealth combination in the horoscope. Such a person belongs to a rich family. He/She has a special talent to earn huge wealth. Native is very lucky person. Family wealth keep on increasing as the native is aging.

When 11th Lord is posited in 3rd House then the native will be very courageous, adventurous and an expert in fine arts like singing, acting, music, painting etc. Career related to fine arts will be suitable. Native will earn huge money from any one of these fields. Younger siblings will be very helpful to the native.

When 11th Lord is posited in 4th House then the Native`s mother will be very supportive. Native will be well educated. He/She will get much happiness at home. The person will have beautiful bedroom and all comforts. Native may earn huge money from auto mobiles or real-estates.

When 11th Lord is posited in 5th House then the person will have a large friend circle. He/She will be very romantic. Such person will have many love affairs. He/She will be very intelligent. Native may earn huge wealth from share-market, lotteries, sports, fine arts or media.

When 11th Lord is posited in 6th House then this is the eighth position from 11th house and more over 6th house is an evil house, so it indicates losses at the hands of enemies, competitors and diseases. Expenditures on treatment of diseases is indicated. But if 6th lord joins 11th lord in 6th house then the victory over enemies is predicted after struggle.

When 11th Lord is posited in 7th House then the luck will shine after marriage. Prosperity and wealth will increase after marriage. Native will have high level of vitality and sex appeal.

When 11th Lord is posited in 8th House then this position of 11th lord will give high level of stamina, vitality and lust. Native will be fond of sex pleasures. Native may gain money from mysterious means like magic, occultism or hidden wealth.

When 11th Lord is posited in 9th House then this is a very fortunate combination for fulfilling one`s desires. All the desires of the native will be fulfilled. Native will be very wealthy and enjoy happiness and royal status in life. He/She will be very confident and an expert in fine-arts. Native will be religious minded and kind hearted.

When 11th Lord is posited in 10th House then the person will have a very successful professional life. He/she will reach at the top position in his career. The person will earn name, fame and huge wealth from his professional life. He will be very famous personality. Native may do a business on a large scale or may become a very successful politician. Native`s prosperity and fame will go on increasing day by day.

When 11th Lord is posited in 11th House then such a person has big dreams and desires. These desires keep on increasing day by day. But the fulfillment of these desires can only be achieved if the Ascendant lord, 3rd house lord and 10th lords are strong. If these conditions exist then the native`s rise in life will stun the people.

When 11th Lord is posited in 12th House then such a native will have lavish life style. He/She will travel many foreign countries for picnic, enjoyments and touring. Expenditures go on increasing on this type of lavish life style. If the 9th and 2nd houses are weak then the native will destroy all his wealth on lavishly life style and will become bankrupt. But if these houses are strong then native will enjoy this life style through out the life.