Second House in Astrology

2nd House

Second House is considered as wealth house in Astrology. This house in horoscope tells us about the financial status of the native and his/her family. Wealth House is very important house as it rules over wealth worth of the native which is must need to live satisfied with the capability to buy livelihood. This house and its Lord tells us about the family wealth, family assets, family status, personal income, face look, right eye, voice, speech and status of the person in society. If the second house is occupied or aspected by functional benefic planets then the 2nd house becomes strong which makes the native rich otherwise it makes the native poor. Similarly If its lord is placed in good houses and aspected or associated by benefic planets then the native becomes rich otherwise poor.

2nd Lord in Different Houses

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 1st House then the person is self made and self dependant. Due to this position the native becomes rich by his/her own efforts and hard working. If the native is born with such position of 2nd Lord in his/her birth chart then the native is born in a well to do family. He/she is soft spoken and smart.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 2nd House then the native is hard working, wealthy, good looking, soft spoken, born in rich family, lives life in comforts and luxury, talanted in money making tricks.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 3rd House of horoscope then the native earns money by hard work and dedication in the fields of fine-arts like singing, music, dance, writing, communication, tv anchoring or journalism.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 4th House then this position of money house lord is very auspicious. The native is land lord, earns money through teaching, real estate business or car trading business. Native`s mother is very lucky for the native.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 5th House then this is a combination of richness. People born with this position of 2nd Lord are rich, famous, may be very successful in sports, may win lottery, may become popular in fashion and cinema world.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 6th House then the person born with this placement may have to work very hard to earn livelihood, person is hard working but has to satisfy with low income. His income increases very late in life near his retirement. He has to manage his expences by the help of loans. Some time he has to face debts.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 7th House then this position of 2nd lord makes the native lucky in financial matters after his/her marriage. One gets a earning life partner or becomes lucky after marriage and there is increase in income after marriage. The person can earn through trading, stock market also.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 8th House then the native earns his money from corrupt means, black money, black magic, or other bad means. He love to enjoy life on other people`s money.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 9th House then this is Very strong and lucky position of 2nd lord. Person surely get rich by the favour of luck, he is hard working also, and hardly face shortage of money in life. Lives very comfortable life.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 10th House then this is the combination of success and fame, wealth and comforts, the person is very hard working, lucky, intelligent and reaches top positions easily in his career.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 11th House then this is very auspicious combination. The person may get sudden rise in career, may gain huge wealth suddenly, can win a lottery or may generate money from sports, entertainment or stock market.

When the 2nd Lord is placed in 12th House then the native with this placement is less lucky in financial matters, he may face losses financially, but can earn good if setteled abroad, or may earn by hard working by the effects of presence of other money combinations.