Fourth House in Astrology

4th House

The Fourth House in Astrology represents about general happiness, satisfaction from life, education, self-prosperity, enjoyments, home, home life, property, mother, conveyances & vehicles, neck and shoulders, chest. 4th house in a horoscope is a very important house as it is the house of happiness and satisfaction from life. When the fourth house and its lord is auspicious in the birth chart of a native then he/she gets very favourable results regarding 4th house i.e. he/she feel much happiness and comforts at home and is satisfied from his/her life. The native is lucky in matters of education, property, possession of vehicles and relation with the mother. When 4th Lord is placed in cardinal houses or trine houses then it is considered very auspicious. In 2nd House it is highly favourable, in 11th house it is considered in good placement and in other houses(3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th) it is considered malefic.

4th Lord in Different Houses

Effect of Fourth Lord in the life of a native when placed in different houses:-

When the 4th Lord is placed in 1st House in the Horoscope then the native is well educated, close to mother, living happy home life, gets a beatiful and understanding life partner, and have a nicely decorative home.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 2nd House in the Horoscope then the native has very beautiful eyes, lives comfortably with riches, earns money from car trading and real estate business, also gets legasies left by ancestors, and is highly educated and learned.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 3rd House in the Horoscope then the native may have to face separation from mother in childhood. Native do his schooling living in hostels. Native`s higher education is not satisfactorly. He has to live in a rented house. Native does not get happiness from home.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 4th House in the Horoscope then it is Very strong placement. Native is highly educated, qualified, happy from home life, close to mother, gets an understanding spouse, live comfortably in a nice home. possesses many vehicles. May become a very good teacher.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 5th House then this position is a very auspicious combination. The native is very intelligent, highly educated, gets distinctions, admired by the teachers, gets support from mother, enjoy luxury homes and cars, earns huge money from real estates.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 6th House then the native is devoid of support from mother and happiness from home, have less education, prone to accidents, bad eating habits, struggels in life to maintain happiness at home.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 7th House then native gets an educated, understanding life partner. Native is emotionally attached to the partner and gets support from the partner. Gains from the real estate and car trading business.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 8th House in the Horoscope then native`s mental state remains disturbed. He/She gets less happiness at home, less education, will have to fight court cases for landed property. Situation improves if 4th house is occupied or aspected by functional benefic planets i.e. lords of cardinal or trine houses occupy or aspect 4th house.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 9th House then the native of such placement of 4th Lord is very lucky, lives happy and prosperous life. Native is blessed with high education. He/She may travel abroad for higher education, have a nicely built home, married life is very successful, enjoys luxury cars, gets full support from parents.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 10th House then this position makes 4th house very auspicious. Native is highly educated, enjoy landed property, vehicles. Native is respected for his education, will earn from real estate business. Native may be a respected teacher or a very successful leader.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 11th House in the Horoscope then native earns huge wealth from landed property, real estate business or from automobiles, native is highly educated, prosperous, successful and enjoy happiness.

When the 4th Lord is placed in 12th House then this is not an auspicious position. Native lacks happiness at home, native and family remains disturbed, lives away from birth land, good for settling abroad.