Ninth House in Astrology

9th House

The Ninth House in Astrology is one of the most important Houses in a horoscope. This is the house of luck, happiness, name, fame, father, grand children, religion, politics, sympathy, charity, long journeys, foreign travels, higher education, law and justice etc. 9th House is considered as a very important House in astrology as it increases luck and happiness when this house and its lord is auspicious in the horoscope. It may fill the life with struggles and miseries if in-auspicious. This house and its Lord is generally desired to be positive in a horoscope so as to get beneficial results. 9th House is considered auspicious when occupied by Cardinal House Lords (i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th Lords) and Trine Lords (i.e. 1st, 5th and 9th Lords). 2nd and 11th Lords are also considered auspicious in this house. Similarly if 9th Lord is positioned in Cardinal, Trine, 2nd or 11th Houses then it is considered auspicious. Either, malefic 6th, 8th and 12th Lords placed in 9th House or 9th Lord placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house, then in both cases it gives malefic results.

9th Lord in Different Houses

Read how 9th Lord effects the life of a native when posited in different houses in the horoscope:-

When the 9th Lord is posited in 1st House then the native is very fortunate in life. He/She is very religious, kind-hearted and generous. Native lives a comfortable life with much wealth and ancestral property. Native is very beautiful, attractive and famous. Native may gain political success also.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 2nd House then the native is either born in a rich family or income of family start rising by the day the native is born. Native is very lucky regarding money support from the family. Native himself earns very well in his professional life. Professional life is progressive. Native gets name, fame and prosperity by this placement.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 3rd House then the person is very brave, strong and confident. Native may become teacher, philospher or preacher. Native has very good writing skills and high level of communication. Native is expert in fine arts. Native`s father may have two marriages.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 4th House then this position is very auspicious one. Such a person is very lucky person. He is highly educated and very soft hearted. Native`s parents are very respected and religious minded. Native enjoys all type of comforts in life. Native may settle in foreign country.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 5th House then the native is very lucky person. He enjoys richness and all type of comforts in life. Native may do love marriage. Native has many devoted and dutiful sons. Native is highly intelligent and an expert in fine arts. Native may be a successfull sports personality or an entertainer. This position is very lucky to win a lottery.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 6th House then the person is unlucky. He is constantly troubled by enemies and diseases. Native may face litigations. Native work for the others.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 7th House then this is Very auspicious position regarding general luck and married life. Native is very lucky, beautiful and religious minded. Native gets married to a rich, beautiful and lucky partner. Such a person gets increase in name, fame, happiness and prosperity after marriage. Native`s father is very respected person in the society.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 8th House then the life is full of struggles and miseries. Luck shines late in life after much struggle. Native will be indulged in irreligious activities. He/She will be very clever and cunning. Relation with father is not so good.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 9th House then the person is very fortunate. He/She will be born in a rich family. Native will get what he/she wants in life at the right time. Relatives, siblings, parents and teachers will be very supportive to the native. Native will be kind-hearted, popular and successful. He/She will reach top-most position in career. Native is a great scholar. May be very successful in politics.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 10th House then the native will be very successful in his professional life. He will serve the government. Native will reach top-most position if 10th lord is also strong. Native may run a successful business at large scale. He may get success in politics easily.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 11th House then this is a very fortunate position. Native will be very famous and successful in sports, entertainment industry, cinema, media etc. He will earn huge gains from these fields. Native will have a huge fan following. Native will run large business empires successfully.

When the 9th Lord is posited in 12th House then the native will be poor and unlucky. Native will have many disputes with father. But this position is good for gaining divine knowledge. Native may be a great scholar, a great preacher or a great healer.