Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. In mythology planet Jupiter is considered as the Teacher of Gods. In Astrology, it is considered as a most natural benefic planet. It is a male planet. Jupiter represents teacher and grand father of the native. It is a planet of purity, wisdom, spirituality, religion, knowledge, law and abundance wealth. All the religious activities are controlled by Jupiter. It is the biggest and the heaviest planet and can be seen with naked eyes in the night sky. It mostly gives benefic results to the native but in some circumstances it gives malefic results. Jupiter owns two zodiac signs namely Sagittarius and Pisces. It gets exalted in Cancer Zodiac Sign and gets debilitated in Capricorn Zodiac Sign. When in exaltation it may make the native lucky, famous, highly educated, religious minded, kind hearted, successful famous teacher, famous political leader and respected figure in the society. While in debilitation it makes the person unlucky, less educated, fatty and disrespected in society. When Jupiter is auspicious in the birth chart it dispells negativity and darkness from the life and bestows the native with name, fame, wisdom, opportunities and optimism.

In horoscope chart of a male native, Jupiter represents his teacher and grand father. When it is auspicious in horoscope a male, it makes him loveable by his teachers and grand father. It also makes the native optimistic, charitable, loveable and kind hearted. Benefic Jupiter in male chart may bless the native with high position in government, success in politics or it may make the native a religious teacher or a spiritual healer. It also gives enormous wealth to the native.

In birth chart of a female, Jupiter represents her teacher, grand father and her husband. Benefic Jupiter in female horoscope gives handsome, rich, kind hearted and loving husband. Benefic aspect of Jupiter on 7th house of female horoscope gives her early marriage with long lived life partner.

Career wise, professions ruled by Jupiter are law, teaching, religious teachers, spiritual healers, politics and sports. Auspicious Jupiter relating to 2nd or 10th house in the horoscope may make the native a religious teacher, lawyer, judge, famous sports personality or successful politician. These positions will give enermous wealth.

Facts related to Jupiter, In Astrology

Important facts about planet Jupiter, to be remembered, in Astrology while making predictions:-
Ruling Day: Thursday
Own Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
Sign of Exaltation: Cancer
Sign of Debilitation: Capricorn
Transit Time in Single Zodiac Sign: 13 months (approximately)
Transit Time for complete Zodiac Cycle: 13 Years (approximately)
Favourite Color: Yellow, Gold
Friendly Planets: Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars
Enemy Planets: Saturn, Mercury, North Node (Dragon Head) and South Node (Dragon Tail)
Neutral Planets: None
Favourite Gemstone: Yellow Sapphire
Favourite Metal: Gold
Nature: Charitable, kind hearted, religious minded and honest
Aspects on Houses: Jupiter gives full aspect to the 5th, 7th and 9th houses and planets posited there from its own position