Mars is robust and masculine planet. It can be seen with naked eyes in the night sky. It is a planet of energy, aggression, confidence, bravery, action and desires. He is massive, hot and short tempered by nature. In mythology, Mars is considered as the God of War. He is aggressive, courageous, full of confidence, angry young man and a warrior. In Astrology, Mars is considered as a male planet and a representor of brothers. Career wise it represents engineering, soldiers, police and marshal arts. It is considered as a natural malefic planet but for Cancer and Leo ascendants it is considered as an auspicious planet. Mars owns two zodiac signs named Aries and Scorpio. It gets exalted in Capricorn Zodiac Sign and it gets debilitated in Cancer Zodiac Sign.

When Mars is auspicious in horoscope it blesses the native with energy, confidence, aggression, courage, fighting skills and technical skills. It gives him/her energy, stamina, strength and confidence. It also blesses the native with supportive brothers as mars is the representor of brothers in astrology. Auspicious placement of Mars blesses the native with happily married life. But when it is inauspicious in the horoscope it creates great disturbance in married life of the native and makes the native lazy, short tempered, angry, lack of confidence and argumentative. Health wise adverse mars gives piles and nose bleeding. Mars has been seen as a highly dominant planet in the horoscopes of natives that took participate in wars and battles. He rules over weapons, acids and explosives. He is considered as a destructive planet when not favourable. When Mars take control over ascendant then it gives uncontrolled energy and desires. In human body it rules over bone marrow and blood.

Career wise favourable Mars rules over marshal arts, police cop, military, soldiers, surgeons, real estate business, arms dealer, builder and engineers.

Facts related to Mars, In Astrology

Important facts about planet Mars, to be remembered, in Astrology while making predictions:-
Ruling Day: Tuesday
Own Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Sign of Exaltation: Capricorn
Sign of Debilitation: Cancer
Transit Time in Single Zodiac Sign: 75 days (approximate)
Transit Time for complete Zodiac Cycle: 30 months (approximate)
Favourite Color: Red, Maroon
Friendly Planets: Jupiter and Sun
Enemy Planets: Saturn, Moon, North Node (Dragon Head) and South Node (Dragon Tail)
Neutral Planets: Venus and Mercury
Favourite Gemstone: Red Coral
Favourite Metal: Gold, copper, bronze
Nature: Brave, bold, courageous, aggressive and confident
Aspects on Houses: Mars gives full aspect to the 4th, 7th and 8th houses and planets posited there from its own position