Sun is the center of energy for every thing present in our solar system. There is no energy without Sun in the solar system. It is the energy of Sun carried by its light rays and force of gravitation which sustains the existence of planets in the solar system and human life on earth. All the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun in different orbits with different velocities. These planets take energy from Sun which they reflect back in the cosmo. Due to this energy taken from Sun and due to gravitational force of Sun, these planets sustain their momentum and energy. This energy reflected back by planets put great impact on human life on earth. A learned Astrologer can calculate how these energies can impact human life on earth. This calculation is known as Astrology. So Sun is the centre of Astrology. He is regarded as King among all the planets taken in Astrological calculations.

Sun owns Leo Zodiac Sign. Its sign of exaltation is Aries and sign of debilitation is Libra.

Sun is the main source of energy for human life and every living beings on earth. He is regarded as life force for all beings. In astrology, Sun is considered as soul of human being. In Natal Astrology, it represents father of the native, self energy, vitality and strength of native. It is considered as a male planet. When Sun is auspicious in the birth chart of a native then it boosts the vital energy and brings name, fame and power to the native and it also brings good fortune, health and respect to the native`s father. It makes the native authoritative, successful in politics, full of energy, strength, stamina and enthusiasm. But this high energy also makes the person egoistic. For example, favourable Sun in 1st house makes the native courageous, strong, aggressive, tall and authoritative. Auspicious position of Sun in 10th house makes the person a successful leader or a high rank authoritative person in government. On the other hands when Sun is inauspicious in the horoscope, it makes the native lethargic, selfish, lack of energy, vitality, strength, stamina, confidence and losses at the hands of government. It also brings misfortunes and disrespect for the native`s father.

Facts related to Sun, In Astrology

Important facts about planet Sun, to be remembered, in Astrology while making predictions:-
Ruling Day: Sunday
Own Sign: Leo
Sign of Exaltation: Aries
Sign of Debilitation: Libra
Transit Time in Single Zodiac Sign: One Month
Transit Time for complete Zodiac Cycle: One Year (Twelve Months)
Favourite Color: Crimson, Orange
Friendly Planets: Jupiter, Mars and Moon
Enemy Planets: Saturn, Venus, North Node (Dragon Head) and South Node (Dragon Tail)
Neutral Planets: Mercury
Favourite Gemstone: Ruby
Favourite Metal: Copper and Gold
Nature: Authoritative and Dominant
Aspects on Houses: Sun gives full aspect to the 7th house and planets posited there from its own position