VENUS is the brightest planet in the sky that can be seen with naked eyes every morning with the sun rise in the eastern direction. Venus is also known as the morning star. It remains always close to Sun and it goes away maximum upto two signs either in forth direction or trailing direction from Sun. In astrology it is considered as a female planet. It is taken as a natural benefic planet in astrology. It is considered as the planet of beauty, love and romance. Venus represents wealth, luxury, fashion world, ornaments, singing, dancing, acting and other fine arts. Venus rules over two zodiac signs namely Taurus and Libra. Its sign of exaltation is Pisces and sign of debilitation is Virgo.

In horoscope chart of a male native, Venus is considered as the planet representing wife of the native. In chart of a female it is considered as a planet that represents beauty of the native. When venus is favourable in a male chart it bestows the native with beautiful, loving and caring wife. It also increase the charisma and appeal of the native. But when Venus is inauspicious in a male birth chart it halts the charisma, magnetism and appeal of the native. It gives bad luck in matters of love and romance. It also delays marriage and gives unsupportive and less beautiful life partner to the male native. Debilitated Venus in 1st, 2nd, 7th or 8th house makes the native impotent.

When venus is favourable in birth chart of a female, it bestows the native with beauty and attraction. Such females are very beautiful and attractive. It makes them fashionable and fond of luxury, fashionable clothes and jewellery. Such females are expert in fine arts like dancing, singing, acting and painting. Adversly placed venus in female horoscopes makes them less beautiful and less attractive.

Career wise venus rule over professions like entertainment industry, theater, dancing, singing, modeling, hotels, jewellery and cosmetic shops, beauty saloons, painting, photography and other creative fine arts.

Facts related to Venus, In Astrology

Important facts about planet Venus, to be remembered, in Astrology while making predictions:-
Ruling Day: Friday
Own Sign: Taurus and Libra
Sign of Exaltation: Pisces
Sign of Debilitation: Virgo
Transit Time in Single Zodiac Sign: 28 days
Transit Time for complete Zodiac Cycle: Eleven Months
Favourite Color: Cream, White
Friendly Planets: Jupiter, Saturn and Moon
Enemy Planets: Sun, Mercury, North Node (Dragon Head) and South Node (Dragon Tail)
Neutral Planets: Mars
Favourite Gemstone: Diamond and White Sapphire
Favourite Metal: Platinum and Silver
Nature: Charming, humourous, loving and sexy
Aspects on Houses: Venus gives full aspect to the 7th house and planets posited there from its own position